Top 5 Interior Design Tips

Top 5 Interior Design Tips

Sometimes interior design will leave you a little lost due to the endless number of combinations possible. However, it is vital for you to get it right. Recent studies have proven that a good residential interior design has the ability to affect your day-to-day mood. This article will provide you with the top design tips to put you on the right track.

  1. Choose the right colors.

The first thing you should do is to decide on the color scheme. It is important to outline 1 or 2 color as core colors for your design concept. Following that, look at a few complementary colors to go along with the core colors you have chosen. Different colors affect people differently so use them to evoke the type of mood you want in each room.

  1. Lighting with a purpose

The common mistake people make when choosing lighting is by basing their choices on personal preference. Yes, you might be tempted to choose lights that you really like a lot but often, you would have overlooked the bigger picture. Lighting based on purpose is a very important design element. For example, you would need a well-lit kitchen if you do a lot of cooking there.

  1. Get Arty

Artworks have the ability to add depth and a sense of sophistication to your living space. It is perfectly okay to keep your art visual very simple if you are on a tight budget. Just remember this — hang the artwork such as the center is 5 feet above the ground. This will create the best effect possible.

  1. Depth with texture

Texture can allows you to bring out the best out of any neutral decors. Instead of the overused principal of layering colors, try using textures to create a depth of field effect. For starters, you can play with laces, tiles or wood grain. These are the more forgiving element that you can alter to your preferences. With a bit of practice, I am sure you will be creating a classy design in no time at all.

  1. Hidden storage wonders

With Singapore having one of the priciest per square feet (psf) prices in the world, we can all agree that being able to increase your space is a privilege. You are not alone if you find yourself running out of space while trying to incorporate all the favorite elements of your design. Try incorporating various hidden storage technique to maximize space efficiency. Try platform beds with build-in drawers or under the bed storage.

These are the five tips we have for today. Design work might seem straightforward at first but trust me; a certain level of expertise, passion and experience is still essential to come up with a professional and aesthetically pleasing design. Get in touch with a interior design consultant that will offer you a free quotation.