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Inspirational Ideas

We carefully consider your space, branding, employees’ thoughts and your preferences before proposing inspirational ideas.

material sourcing interior design

Material Sourcing

We enjoy access to in demand material suppliers from around the world. This allows us to find the exact materials needed at great prices.

office interior design based on users feedback

User Study

We take the feedback and inputs of your users seriously. The final space is a result of collaboration with them, and one that they will be proud of.

window seats in office with ample light

Ergonomic Design

Our careful usage of ergonomic design gives your users access to sensible and wellness focused spaces. Ultimately, we promise a user-centric design.

renovation to integrate technology into office

Technology Integration

Smart technology can transform the working behaviour in a workplace. Our role is to carefully integrate technology into the work environment.

Project Management

We manage the project from conceptualisation to realisation. This is done while carefully managing timelines, budgets and communications.

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Reception Area

Your reception area is the first impression for clients and potential new employees. As such, it needs to immediately make the right and desired first impression. Most of all, there should be no doubt in a person’s mind as to where they can seek assistance upon first entering your premise.

office reception welcome desk interior design
trung nguyen coffee warm interior design

Workstation Area

The workstation is arguably the most important area in your office. A poor workstation could seriously hamper the productivity of your staff. Conversely, a user-centric design would empower them to produce the best work possible. Most importantly, every office and group have their own needs, and thus workstation design needs to be personalised to these needs.

Meeting Area

With ever-increasing complexity in the world, constant teamwork is required to overcome multi-dimensional problems. This is where a well planned meeting room layout is critical to making the space conducive for collaboration. Good meeting room design encourages the free flow of ideas and easy collaborative work.

full panel glass transparent meeting room
singapore interior design creatively managing your flat space

Pantry Area

Many offices overlook the importance of the design of the pantry area. In fact, the pantry facilitates important employees’ breaks from work as well as socialising between them. This is why having a pantry that allows for informal interactions as well as respite from work is critical to maintaining the well being of your employees.

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When it comes to designing an office space, we make sure that our concepts and ideas make for a creative workplace designed to maximise productivity. From idea to conceptualisation to implementation, we will be there with you every step of the way. Regardless of any detail, big or small, our team of designers and consultants will be on hand to guide you and provide assistance.
From corporate offices to the small office, our space planners and craftsmen will transform your office into extraordinary workspaces. With multiple awards in our portfolio, Visual ID – your interior design consultant, is your one-stop solution for all your interior needs. We cover all areas – from designing to construction to furnishing.

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What To Consider For Office Interior Design Services

User Needs

Ultimately, your employees' working styles and needs have to be considered first and foremost in order to ensure productivity.

Organization Branding

Your office design speaks volumes about your brand to visitors and staff alike. Use design to communicate important messages and stories.


Design goes beyond aesthetics, carefully consider the required functional aspects of a space and how design can facilitate its use.


With careful planning, technology can be woven into an environment in a native and non-intrusive fashion.


Strategic planning of the acoustics in your offcie will allow your employees to have uninterrupted concentration and room for collaboration.


Health and wellness are highly underrated aspects of corporate interior design. In fact, careful integration and arrangement of elements can boost employee wellness.

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