Many of us prefer a certain kind of home interior design. Yet, we lack the terminology and understanding to define exactly what we want. With a wide range of design styles, it can be overwhelming to decide which design is well suited for you. Not to worry! There are a five types of interior design in Singapore that are commonly mentioned that you can be familiar with. Traditional The traditional style is characterised by formal
Singaporeans spend most of their hours working in the office. The environments of workplaces can influence one’s health, creativity, productivity and happiness. Thus, the design of workplace environment is of utmost priority. It is important to create a space that gives workers opportunities to learn, connect with others, and to grow. Many organisations are recognising the increasingly importance of creating a good workplace. However, it is one thing to know something, and another to take
Offices of the past had rigid arrangements and resembled a maze full of noise, chatter, clicking sounds of typewriters, and cluttered items. Later on, the cubical spaces were replaced by open spaces that allowed for collaborative work. Open spaces are still prevalent today, but do not address the different needs and tasks that individuals have to perform, as well as the distractions that come with it. The future of offices would be more practical and
Millennials are people born around the early 1980s and 2000. They are known for growing up in a world where the visual and material elements of things are emphasised greatly. This group of people are likely to attain higher credentials than the previous generations and are dominating the workplace. They also conduct work differently by preferring to meet informally and doing work in several different environments such as lounge areas or cafes. Consequently, the designs