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Concept Ideation

We work with you to conceptualise the theme and layout of your home’s interior design. This provides us a clear end goal to aim towards.

interior design of kitchen with variety of materials

Material Sourcing

We utilise our exclusive network of high in demand material suppliers to find the exact components at affordable prices.

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Create Inspiring Spaces

Homeowners often unknowingly wish to communicate through their choice of interior design. This is where Visual ID can help to bring their vision and messaging to life.

residential interior design dining area concept

Multi-Purpose Activity Areas

Most homes incorporate multi-purpose areas that serve various activities. Visual ID helps you find the right mix of activities to be hosted in each area and creates the space required.

home interior design Singapore wood minimalist setup

Careful Space Planning

No matter how impressive individual pieces of furnishing, furniture or even lighting is, they would be unattractive if cluttered together. Careful spac eplanning is needed to create a breathable space.

aesthetic kitchen with plumbing integration

Electrical & Plumbing Plans

Beyond the aesthetics, interior design includes functional aspects such as plumbing and electricity which help your house’s inhabitants carry our their daily activities.

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Home Interior Design

A home means many things to its owner. On one hand, it serves as a safe haven for you and your family, offering respite for recovery after a long day at work. On the other hand, it also helps you to host friends and family, communicating bits of your personality to them. Interior design is key to both aspects, and strategic implementation can lead to an environment that is appropriate for various activities. Equally important is that you get a personal space that is aligned with you.

Living Room Interior Design

A living room’s design often has the largest impact on your space. Often used as the central strategic theme, it also gives you the most space to communicate your values to visitors. Beyond entertaining visitors, the living room also hosts your family, allowing each of you space to gather together and enjoy family time. Visual ID carefully considers your needs and chosen theme when sourcing for components, furniture and furnishings for your living room.

floridian dining room interior well furnished and placed
minimalist kitchen area with a small table

Kitchen Interior Design

A kitchen’s layout and design has a huge impact on the flow of cooking, baking or food preparation. A poorly planned layout can cause an absolute mess or even accidents to occur in the kitchen. In contrast, a well planned kitchen will allow for multiple users and allow you to organise all for preparation and storage. It is also important to consider what activities you wish to host as these will determine the facilities and equipment needed. At Visual ID, we discuss with you about your kitchen needs and carefully integrate various equipment or facilities.

Room Interior Design

Each room of your home often is created for more specific purposes. As such, the design of the room often takes after its assigned activity or user. For instance, the design of a study room would contrast with that of a bedroom. In fact, no 2 bedrooms are alike as these are highly personal spaces for their inhabitants. At Visual ID, we strongly consider the personality, needs and ideas of individual users of each room when designing them. Moreover, we help to ensure a smooth transition from the central spaces of your home to the individual rooms.

interior design of study area in woodsville close
zen and calm living room interior design

5 Star Rated House Interior Designer

Visual ID is the right partner for your living space.Do you have some home interior design inspiration, but you are unsure of how you can put them out in practice? Get our Singapore Interior Design experts who can guide you and integrate your residential interior design ideas and customize a home interior design plan for you.
Consider the job done when you get us to handle your residential interior design. With vast experience in handling various project sizes, count on us to meet your requirements on time.
Having ideas and inspiration that you can’t express properly and need someone that can help you articulate them properly? Come find us for a friendly no obligations’ discussion with one of our friendly consultants and get a better perspective of how you can create an elegant and effective living space for you.

What To Consider For Residential Interior Design

Available Space

Good design balances aesthetics, functions and available space in your home. It certainly would be highly uncomfortable if no buffer space is given between each bit of design.

A Space That Is Yours

Your home can be an extension of yourself. Afterall, it serves as a safe haven for you to retreat to and to enjoy personal time when you need it.

Planning For Visitors

We often receive friends and family in our home. As such, dedicated spaces should be made to host them comfortably while still having some form of buffer between this space and more personal areas.

Conducive For Work

With the ever increasing need for home offices or workstations, your home should also enable you to comfortably work remotely.

Available Lighting

The amount of natural light entering your home will have a huge impact on your choice of artififical lighting and potentially even your colour chocie.

Easy To Maintain

A less discussed point is that of cleaning and maintenance required in your home. Good interior design considers the ease of maintenance and makes it easy for you.

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