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store design layout planning
Store Layout

We collaborate with you to carefully plan in-store customer shopping experiences and journeys.

furniture arrangement interior design
Product Arrangement
We create the infrastructure to hold your products and display them in a fashion that captures shoppers’ attention.
warm light for interior design for commercial
Brand Message

We meticulously strategize all brand communications in store to visitors, thus making a strong impression on them.

connecting all smart devices for your smart home
Ambient Lighting

We carefully use ambient lighting to set visitors at ease and to highlight key products or offers.

smart technology integration renovation
Technology Integration

We assist to integrate smart technologies in your store without disturbing the shopper’s experience.

home owner informing interior designer which colour scheme he prefers
Colour Usage
We implement colour theory in store to direct shoppers’ actions and strategically communicate messages.

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modern minimalistic store entrance interior design

Store Entrance

On average, a new shopper spends 3-7 seconds at your entrance deciding whether to enter. This is why the design, layout and messaging of the entrance of your store is critical. Ideally, a shopper’s attention will be caught by your storefront while the quality of your products or offers should be clearly conveyed. Here at Visual ID, we will assist you to create a pleasing, inviting and functional storefront to increase footfall to your store.

Store Flow

Every well planned retail store has a strategic shopper flow behind it. Retail interior designers carefully craft different environmental components to guide shoppers from the moment they enter the store. This helps to craft an optimised shopping experience, inducing them to spend more time in the store and to interact with products or offers. Here at Visual ID, we closely collaborate with you to craft such shopping experiences and extensively test them out.

interior design of a retail space
efficient checkout store interior design

Check Out Point

The moment of truth, also known as the checkout point, is the make or break point in your store. At this time, customers would be intended on purchasing your products, yet a poor checkout experience can hinder this. Be it confusing directions, poor arrangement or overly long queues, your store may be losing sales. This is why careful planning for the checkout experience is absolutely important. Here at Visual ID, we help you to plan out a smooth and hassle-free checkout process for your shoppers.

5 Star Rated Retail Interior Design Consultant

When it comes to retail interior design, it is always important to place the shopper at the center of all your plans. 2 levels of communication needs to take place. Firstly, the brand’s messaging and product offerings’ selling points need to be effectively highlighted to shoppers. Secondly, clear and easy directional cues need to be given to shoppers to prevent confusion or missed areas.

Most importantly, tests need to be carried out to ensure that the ideal interior design has been created. Here is where Visual ID’s team of experienced retail interior designers come into play. With multiple awards in our portfolio, Visual ID – your interior design consultant, is your one-stop solution for all your interior needs.

award winning interior designer

What To Consider For Retail Store Interior Design

Base Store Layout

Retail stores typically rely on tried and tested base store layouts with combinations or alterations made to fit their needs.

Shopper Mindset

Not all shoppers are alike. It is critical to recognise the mindset that your target shoppers have when shopping for your product.

Selling Point Of Product

Be aware of the key selling points of your product and be sure to highlight this in all aspects of your interior design.

Decision Making Process

Similar to the shopper's mindset, different decision making processes are used. Having this process detailed out will allow you to facilitate favorable outcomes.

Brand Messages

Ultimately, your store's design communicates many messages about your brand and thus is a powerful medium for branding.

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