Top 3 Office Interior Design Ideas for the Innovative Employee

Top 3 office interior design ideas for the innovative employee

Singaporeans spend most of their hours working in the office. The environments of workplaces can influence one’s health, creativity, productivity and happiness. Thus, the design of workplace environment is of utmost priority. It is important to create a space that gives workers opportunities to learn, connect with others, and to grow.

Many organisations are recognising the increasing importance of creating a good workplace. However, it is one thing to know something, and another to take active steps to create it. Below are the top three strategies that a company should employ to establish a good modern office interior design.

1) Create a green space

Environmental sustainability is on the rise with growing awareness of the need for it. This need is also apparent in the workplace with companies wasting money on disposing and discarding items. Studies have shown that buildings that incorporate green designs and sustainable practices can also influence people’s behaviour. Offices with more natural light contributes to better sleep and quality of life as compared to other offices with less exposure to natural light. To do so, you can ensure that windows allow for natural airflow and green views.

2) Create an active space

Physical activity contributes to greater creativity and overall productivity in workers. You may consider designing your workplace such that movement is required and installing facilities that encourages that. This may include having an office gym, standing desks, and standing lounges. You can also move bathrooms and pantries away from desks areas to encourage people to walk to access them.

3) Create a flexible space

Technological advancement has allowed work to not be confined to the office desk, and allows an increased in telecommunications. Thus, workplaces have long valued flexibility and mobility. To do so, it is important to design a workplace that reflects a flexible attitude with portable furniture and working spaces that are not fixed. Anywhere can be a space for work – a sofa with a table, a beanbag, open lounges, standing desks, and more.

Where do I start?

Finding a good interior design consultancy Singapore may not happen overnight for your company. With the support of Visual ID, you can create a good working environment for your workers that meet your business resources and goals.