Singapore Interior Design – Creatively Managing Your Flat Space

Singapore interior design - creatively managing your flat space

In Singapore, managing space is increasingly needed given the small sizes of rooms, apartments, studios and more. Sometimes you may wonder how you are going to fit your many furniture, items, appliances, and belongings into a small space that you have. Do not fret! This post will teach you a few tips to design your small space such that it looks stylish, well kept, and neat at the same time. It is time to get your creative juices flowing!


First, you need a list or idea of the furniture that you want to be in the space. Prioritise them according to pieces of furniture that are needed and functional, followed by those that are good to have but may not be needed. How many table and chairs do you need for your dining area? How big are they? Would a round table or side table be a better option?

Next, you might consider the occupants of that space. For example, whether your family members will often occupy them and how many of them would constantly be around. If friends would only visit once in a while and not everyday, portable chairs may be a good option for you.

Big furniture

Considering the small space that you have, it is still possible to fit in one or two big pieces of furniture. However, you must think about whether you want a variety of things or a just a few necessities.

If you want a variety, small items are for you. Conversely, you may prioritise big items like a sofa and/or a bed, that allow you to laze around comfortably, over that of smaller items.

‘Widening’ your space

The trick to making your small space look big is to decorate it with light colours. Furniture that are lightly coloured (white, light blue, etc) would appear to be smaller. Additionally, get furniture that reflects things, like mirrors.

An additional tip is to raise the legs of your furniture. For example, getting chairs that have long legs and sofa that have legs, compared to those that meet the ground with short legs. These will ‘open up’ the space and make it appear to be empty and spacious. Moreover, a good measure of spaciousness is that it is easy for you and your visitors to walk around, and a glance at the given space gives it an empty look although it is filled with items.

Less is more

The last tip is to ensure that you do not over-decorate your space, as it will make it look cluttered and messy. Prevent any particular item from dominating your space. If there are many shelves and books, as well as random items lying around, it will give your visitor an unwanted impression that you are a hoarder. Additionally, it would not be easy on the idea.

Settle for a minimalistic design, and make sure your items, furniture and all are well organised. It will be good if you can group items according to themes. Juxtaposing different groups of items can elicit curiosity in your viewers.

Need help?

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