Office Interior Designs of 2018

Office Interior Designs of 2018

Office room interior design has always played a huge role in affecting the behaviour of both your employees and visiting clients. On one hand, your office design offers clients a glimpse into your brand identity and makes a huge impression on them. Other than clients, design guides and facilitates the way your employees work, subtly creating barriers or encouraging flow. Your office environment also has an impact on the psyche of your employees, when done right, it serves to motivate and inspire them while also relive stress. The end result is a much more productive and possibly happier workforce.

Over time, the nature of employees have changed. This is especially evident when comparing the characteristics of different generations. For example, the entrance of millennials into the working world has created the need for office designs that cater to their needs as well as those from past generations such as the baby boomers. With that in mind, design has to keep up with the needs of the workforce, as such we have compiled the top trends in office design. You may find the perfect one to incorporate in your place:

Unconventional Work Areas

Out with the traditional desk setup, and in with sofas, beanbags, yoga mats and bar tables. The unconventional work area design seeks to replicate a living room or lounge setting. Instead of rows of replicated seating arrangements, expect to find all kinds of furniture in a single space. Employees are given the freedom to pick whichever spot they feel is most productive at the given time. While scientifically unproven, users have praised this design as being more inspirational and motivating, while also improving the camaraderie of the office.

A pro tip for this design is to give each spot ample surrounding space, which makes up for the lack of physical barriers. Additionally, this gives individuals a comfortable amount of space to work in or to hold small group discussions without disturbing other users of the space.


After years of sterile and uniform design, the corporate world is now welcoming nature with open arms. Be it simple potted plants, rooftop gardens, water features or nature-based wall dividers, naturalistic elements are making a huge comeback. Backed by extensive research, corporates are realising that when coupled with an abundance of natural sunlight, nature helps employees to relieve stress, feel creative and be happier. Moreover, the increased ventilation and oxygen supply makes the air fresher, and has direct benefits on your employees’ health.

Beyond pure decoration, going green has also impacted the design of office facilities. For example, larger offices may include space for employees to park their bicycles or designated ‘walking meeting’ paths.

Dynamic Spaces

Just as the name suggests, dynamic spaces are designed to allow easy and continuous change by its users. At its core, this style boasts movable furniture, open spaces and easy to install dividers. As such, your office space can be transformed to meet the needs of any one occasion or task. If done right, this design potentially future-proofs your office space and offers plenty of cost savings when unforeseen circumstances pop up.

At a deeper level, it also symbolises your office’s ability to cope with changes brought upon by the current VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity & ambiguity) world. Clients will be most amazed should they return to your office space only to find a totally different setting from their previous visit.

Home-style Comfort Design

Given that on average, we spend more time in the office than any other space, business owners are increasingly warming to the idea of providing home comforts to employees. Taking a page out of the books of corporations such as Google, Facebook and Lego, companies are going out of the way to include game rooms, bars, canteens and living rooms. The hope here is that by providing a comfortable environment, employees will feel less drained at work and actually enjoy being in the environment.

On the surface, this design seems to cater only to larger offices as such facilities and furniture consumes plenty of space. Yet this need not be the case, smart and thoughtful design will allow you accomplish the same effect with less space.


Another hot trend is that of going industrial, or simply put to cement everything while retaining a highly minimalistic ambiance. The essence of industrial is the clean and smooth textures that are incorporated, setting up users to focus on only a few select highlights in the space. For example, the dominantly grey cement material is broken up with pops of white light and green plants, thus setting up a stunning visual composition.

With minimal distractions in the surroundings, this theme potentially boosts the productivity of your employees. An additional benefit is that decorative items such as terrariums or paintings can easily be featured within your office.

What Now?

Have these ideas got you all excited and ready for an office makeover? Still unsure which style fits your office best? Many other styles and permutations exist, which may be better suited for your office space. Either way, you should get in touch with an interior design consultancy Singapore. Allow them to visit your office, understand your space users and recommend relevant themes for you.