How to redesign your home yourself

2017 is drawing to a close. I am sure most of us would have had a year of ups and downs with many changes happening along the way. As we usher in the new year with our new year’s resolutions, how about including making improvement to your living space as one of your resolutions? A fresher design would definitely contribute towards renewing your energy for the New Year. With a few adjustments, you can make your house look like it has been through a residential interior design makeover.

We have compiled some useful tips and tricks to help you get started.

1. Gratifying Greenery

Nature has its own way of making us feel relaxed and taking away our stress. It is highly recommended that you give your home a touch of nature by adding houseplants. Aside from improving your health through air purification and increasing air moisture levels, studies have shown that plants also sharpen the focus of individuals in the environment. There are several indoor plants that you can choose from such as the different ferns and ficus. Let your choices be dictated by the design needs of your living space; the possibilities is endless.

2. Work of Art

There is vast amount of different art piece you can display at home. Art piece are highly aesthetic objects that add an element of fun and sophistication. To kick-start your year, you can start by looking for something that is highly inspiration to add a certain level of depth to your living space. For a cost-effective alternative, you can also consider putting together a photomontage of your favorite memories. Be it the overseas family trip last year or the casual friends gathering, looking at these pictures regularly will surely add positive vibes to your day.

3. Terrific Touch-up

Remember that stain on your table or the dent on your cabinet? This is about time to breathe new life to them. Go around your house one-day and make a list of furniture needing any form of refurbishment before heading to the nearest hardware shop to make the necessary purchase. It might be a tricky work initially but once you get the hang of it, I am sure the therapeutic values will outweigh the time you spent on it.

4. Reorganize and Revitalize

It is often misunderstood that reorganizing your furniture without new addition will yields no major benefits. One of the commonly overlooked benefits is that you can take the opportunity to de-clutter and keep the things you really need. Go a step further and donate the stuff you don’t need. Rearranging your furniture layout also help you gain fresh inspiration from the change of perspective. You would have never thought such a simple action could yield so many different benefits.

5. Make the First Move
As with everything in life, the first step is always the hardest. Don’t just rely on your own knowledge, look around for inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. For example, some of the popular sources for inspirations are magazines. Browse the colorful pages of the magazines or visit websites with comprehensive guides and walkthrough. Lastly, you can check out Pinterest where different users share and upload their own projects.

Re-designing and re-decorating a house all by yourself can be overwhelming at first. You may find it complex but eventually, it is not as complicated as it seem. The first step is always to know what you want to do and then the rest shall follow. You can always get someone who is an expert in interior design services to help you along the way.