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The choice of businesses. From idea, to concept, to implementation, we will be with you all the way. Let us take care of all details, small and big. Our team of designers and consultants will be on hand to provide advice and assistance along the way. Visual ID is well known for its contemporary interior design renovations that has helped commercial spaces to look modern and stylish.

Our space planners and craftsmen will turn your concepts into extraordinary spaces through our step-by-step guide, ensuring that the design and outlook will be the same. With multiple awards in our portfolio, Visual ID - your interior design consultant, is your one stop solution for all your interior needs, from designing to construction to furnishing, we have all areas covered for you.

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What You Can Expect From Our Commercial Interior Design Services

Interior Styling Consultancy
At Visual ID, our consultants are able to provide expert recommendations to create the most ideal commercial interior design, be it a modern corporate office design or a retail store interior design

Space Planning
Visual ID kicks off all projects with an in-depth analysis to determine circulation pattern and furniture placement

Concept and Design development
The Visual ID approach is focused on developing a unique design concept while meeting the functional needs of your commercial space

Quality Execution and Supervision
Through an efficient systematic flow, Visual ID delivers good service and quality craftsmanship on time for a seamless handover

Reinstatement Work
Visual ID provides cost-efficient reinstatement work with an emphasis on safety to ensure a speedy and hassle-free process

After-Sales Service
Visual ID provides excellent service beyond the completion of the project

What You Need To Determine Before Engaging A Commercial Interior Designer

To allow for an efficient process you will need to decide the budget as it form the foundation for the design concept to fall on

Style and Functionality balance
It is important to know your commercial interior design needs to determine the elements to include in the design. For example, a client-facing commercial space will need to focus on delivering a positive first impression

You will need to have an idea of the concept you wish to have. Typically, commercial spaces reflects the brand values of the company to allow employees to live the brand on a daily basis. This help creates a work culture that will have a long-term effect on your company

Employee Space
This depends on the type of space employees need for effective work execution. For example, having wide tables helps improve the efficiency of creative workers when they handle their collaterals while an open concept will encourage teamwork and communication

By using different ratio of artificial lighting with natural lighting, you can alter the mood of the commercial space. For example, glass walls help natural light penetrate into the commercial space to impact a feeling of warmth. Natural lighting also allows for electrical bills saving in the long-run

Privacy Requirements
Some employee or task requires a private space to minimize distractions. You should determine how often such space is needed to come up with a good mix between private and group spaces

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What To Look For In A Commercial Interior Designer

  • Infusion of Design and Branding

  • Meticulous Designers

  • Customer-centric Approach

  • Experienced and Established Designers

  • Superior Quality Control

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