Renovating Your Home For Long-term Relevancy

spacious luxurious modern design living room
spacious luxurious modern design living room

If you’re renovating your home, here are some points you should take note of before embarking on your journey. Be it renovating your entire home, or remodeling a room, we should not take renovation lightly.

Most of the residential interior design homes in Singapore are based off trends, for instance, minimalistic home designs. While it is foolproof to follow trendy designs, we often forgo the benefits and practicality of the design in the long run. In this article, we will be discussing the importance of renovating your home for long-term relevancy.

Why should you consider the long-term relevancy when renovating your home?

We often overlook the importance of planning for our long-term needs when we renovate. In turn, this translates to more time and money being spent to make amendments to our home in the long run. Therefore, we have compiled a list of practical reasons why you should consider the long-term relevancy of your home.

Growing your family

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Before anything else, you will need to ask yourself these few pivotal questions: How long do I plan to live in this apartment? If you plan to live there for the next 10 years or even 20, you’ll need to consider the needs of those living with you. Whether you have kids or are planning to have one, you will need to dedicate a space for them.

Space could become a critical problem, as your needs will change as your family grows. Therefore, it is pertinent to consider your long-term needs in advance; significantly if moving to a bigger apartment is not a tangible solution. If you’re planning to have kids, a tip would be to leave a bedroom as storage first, and then you can do some minor works before the arrival of your child.

Visually appealing home

Your home should be a place that puts a smile on your face each time you return home. If your home is unappealing, it’s difficult to create a relaxing and comfortable space. Hence, before you start renovating your home, think about the design and more importantly, lighting. If you prefer a bright and airy setting to your home, you will need to consider the facing of your flat and the window size.

We all love to follow trendy interior designs; however, we often overlook the practicality and if it can fulfil our long-term needs. For instance, creating a minimalistic design is simple and aesthetic. However, if you cannot maintain a cluster free setting in your home, it defeats the purpose and could ruin the aesthetics. Henceforth, it is crucial that you plan for a visually appealing design that caters to your lifestyle and needs.

Saving maintenance fee

As much as we prefer getting appliances and materials at a lower price, you can’t guarantee the durability of it. What happens if it breaks or falls apart within the first few months of your purchase? Wouldn’t you be forking out more money for maintenance?

We always emphasize on the importance of getting good quality and long-lasting furniture. That’s because the durability and longevity of our furniture affect the livability and comfortability of a home.  Other than furniture, selecting the right appliances is vital in cutting your electricity bills. To save your electricity and maintenance fees in the long run, you should pick appliances that are energy efficient. Therefore, you should consider renovation as a long-term investment and save all that maintenance fee for something else.

Creating your home that accommodates to your lifestyle

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Splurging on fancy items such as a designer sofa or marble walls is bound to make your home stand out from others. However, is it really worth the cost? Instead of spending on fancy items, we encourage homeowners to spend those funds on appliances or furniture that would enhance usability in their daily life.

Let’s take flooring as an example. Certain flooring type requires more maintenance and frequent cleaning. If you dislike scrubbing over the same area just to remove a stain off the floor, you should priorities the tile material over its looks.

Now that we have gone through the reasons why you should consider your long-term needs when renovating your home. The next question would be how to go about it.

Creating a home design suited to your long-term needs

We have compiled a list of actions you should follow to create a systematic design for your long-term needs.

Create a design plan

two people planning home interior design layout

Once you get your floor plan, analyze the space within your apartment and state your current and future needs. This will help you get a better overview to allocate the rooms and their purposes. For example, this room might be too small as a bedroom but perfect as a home office. Likewise, if you have or are planning to have kids, it is best to allocate space for prams and other baby necessities. With advance planning, it will save you the headaches of moving or remodeling your home in the future.

Understand your priority

This is where you will prioritize function over design. While the look of your home can give you a sense of achievement, everything will go to waste if it fails to fulfil your basic needs and functionality.

Storage is a common issue many homeowners face a few years after moving in, having insufficient storage space which led to the purchase of boxes and shelves that do not compliment the interior design. Thus, it is vital that you understand your priority and be practical, ensuring an optimal level of performance.

Allocate your budget wisely

Budgeting for a home project can be tricky and expensive. Thus, you must establish a realistic budget, and from there, you can allocate your budget based on your priority. We will always advise our clients to set aside more budget for materials and furniture. This is to prevent early wear and tear, eliminating the additional cost of constant maintenance and refurbishing of your home.

Consult an experienced interior designer

When it comes to renovation, it is best to engage in reliable third parties to help you with the designing and process. Having a certain level of expertise injected into your home design will help point out areas that are being overlooked. Interior design specialists have a knack for incorporating satisfying designs that cater to your long-term need. The cost-effective solution would be to engage a specialist experienced in interior design services. They will guide you on how you can ensure the long-term relevancy of your home.

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