One of the most famous countries in Scandinavia is Norway. They are well known for their beautiful fjords, mountain ranges, and deep forests.

Recently, they have also become a country associated with interior design as more people are using Scandinavian-style furniture to decorate their homes.

Scandinavian interior design has a very minimalist and simplistic look, but it’s also known for its use of natural materials such as wood, stone, steel, or leather.

The main principles of Scandinavian interior design are: avoiding clutter, minimalism, and the use of natural light.

Some typical features include open floor plans, large windows or doors that let in plenty of sunshine or moonlight (the lack of darkness is also a common characteristic), white walls, and furniture made from wood, metal, or glass.

It can be difficult to distinguish Scandinavian from other types of modern design because the style is so minimalistic.

The best way to tell if something is truly Scandinavian is by looking at what type of materials are used in the design.

Scandinavian Interior Design Meaning

scandinavian interior design

A Scandinavian interior design is marked by its simplicity and minimalism, often with a monochromatic color palette.

It was originally influenced by the Scandinavian countries’ natural environment with its clean, simple lines. 

The style can be seen in everything from furniture to kitchens, bathrooms, and even offices.

This type of interior design is often characterized by the use of natural materials such as wood and stone and is typically characterized by clean lines, natural tones, and an open floor plan with ample natural light.

These are the aesthetics that Scandinavians have embraced for centuries, but now they’re spreading to other countries around the world. 

Main Features Of Scandinavian Interior Design

Ever since the rise of Scandinavian decorating styles, these designs have become more and more popular. With their minimalist approach to design, they are perfect for anyone looking for a cozy space. Here are some features of this type of interior design:

Clean Lines

Maintaining a clean and minimalistic design is popular in Scandinavian interiors. Clean lines are the main focus, as they give rooms an airy feel that can be calming to those who live there.

Furniture should not take up too much space and should be light, so it doesn’t weigh down the room.

A lot of natural light is also encouraged for these types of designs since it can make a space seem larger than it really is.

Using bold colors sparingly will help with this goal as well because adding something like bright reds or yellows into space might overwhelm its simplicity and bring too many focal points into one area that would otherwise have been more subdued by other colors.

With designs like these, you don’t need to worry about creating clutter in your space because everything has its place in this uncluttered setting.

The ultimate goal in Scandinavian interior design is to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort while still maintaining an airy atmosphere for optimal relaxation. 

Bright Light

scandinavian interior soft light setting

The Scandinavian interior design is all about bright lights! It’s a style that focuses on the natural light and views of the outside world.

Unlike many other styles, Scandinavia doesn’t emphasize dark colors or deep shadows.

Instead, their designs are filled with natural daylight and lots of windows that let in plenty of sunshine!

The rooms are mostly very open with large windows to take advantage of these beautiful features.

To add some warmth, they often use rich wood tones and dark colors in the furnishings and decor.

Muted Colors

The Scandinavian interior design maximizes light, muted colors to create a sense of space.

The color palette often features light, neutral colors such as beige, brown, white, or gray with pops of bright accent colors like red or blue.

These designs are often found in the home but also show up in offices and restaurants for a similar feel.

The light colors allow natural light from outside to come inside where it’s not blocked out by heavy drapes or other window dressings.

This type of lighting can help reduce issues with seasonal affective disorder due to variations of sunlight exposure throughout the year.

It’s also important to have lots of natural materials like wood or stone for their calming quality.

These design elements create an inviting place for you to relax while you enjoy your time at home.

Soft Textures

scandinavian soft textured decorations

The interior design of Scandinavia has always been known for its simplicity with an emphasis on natural textures.

This design ethos is most evident in the rooms that are reserved for relaxation and downtime – think places like living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

The use of soft textures such as wool carpets, down-filled bedding, cotton curtains, or cashmere throws helps to create a warm atmosphere where you can relax after a long day at work or school.

Designers of this style believe in the principles of minimalism, meaning that when it comes to decorating your home, you should be choosing pieces that have a clean-lined aesthetic with a sleek or basic shape.

Pieces like these will help you create an inviting space without clutter.

Fresh Plants

scandinavian interior decorated with potted plants

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. There are many ways to do this, but incorporating fresh plants into your home can have great benefits for you and your family.

In Scandinavian homes, fresh plants are often seen as an integral part of the interior design scheme.

The natural beauty of these greenery pieces adds not only color to the room but also clean air quality through increased oxygen levels in the atmosphere!

It doesn’t take much space or effort to bring nature inside with houseplants- which will make you feel better both physically and mentally.

The fresh green plants create a welcoming atmosphere and can be used to balance out any space in need of some life.

So don’t forget about this benefit when picking out that perfect plant for your home!

Wood and Stones

The Scandinavian style is a clean and minimalistic approach to home design.

One of the most common features in this type of interior space is wood and stone, which can be seen in many different ways throughout the room.

The woods and stones are used as materials to create a neutral background on which to display artwork, plants, pottery, etc., without taking away from their beauty.

The Scandinavian countries have a long tradition of designing furniture with great attention to detail and quality workmanship.

These designs can be seen today where Scandi style furniture is very popular with those who want something simple yet elegant in their homes.

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scandinavian style kitchen

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