luxury home interior design with contemporary style and sunlight

luxury home interior design with contemporary style and sunlight

8 Popular Styles of Home Interior Design in Singapore

Do you find yourself constantly rearranging your furniture or changing the color of your walls? If so, it may be time to ask yourself if you want a change in your interior design.

Changing out your furniture can give you more space and light while also giving a new facelift to an old home. Changing up the paint colors on the walls is a quick way to make a room feel fresh and new without having to spend too much money.

You don’t have to go with just one option either – why not try out both!?

Yes, that’s possible through a home interior design update. Home interior design is a process that has been around for centuries, and it continues to evolve with time. With so many different styles available today, the possibilities are endless!

This blog post will cover some of the best tips on designing your own home interior.

Popular Styles of Home Interior Design

We all know that the style and design of a home are highly subjective, but what’s popular in Singapore? Here are some of the most popular styles of home interior design in Singapore:


The design of the interior space in a home is just as important as the exterior. Modern interior design is a broad term that has many different meanings to many people.

It can be as simple as changing the color of your walls, or it could mean remodeling an entire room with new furniture, lighting fixtures, and paint colors.

Modern homes are designed with open floor plans and large windows to bring in natural light.

The modern look has sleek furniture, minimal decorations, and neutral colors that can be changed up at any time to reflect your mood or style. The best part about modern design? It’s always current!


Contemporary design has some common themes. The most popular is the use of bright colors, natural elements, and an open floor plan.

Contemporary designers combine modern elements with traditional ones to create an aesthetic that feels both new and familiar at the same time.

With this type of design, you can expect to find clean lines, geometric shapes like squares and circles, natural materials like wood or stone, lots of white space on furniture for decoration purposes, as well as personalization through accent colors.

It’s not just about what looks good, though; there are some practical applications too!


Minimalist design is a term for anything that has been stripped to the bare essentials and doesn’t include any embellishments. It’s all about function, no-frills.

The style has its roots in architecture but can be applied to many other areas as well. For those who want to keep their living space free from clutter, this type of design may be perfect for you!

The idea of a minimalistic home interior design in Singapore is to achieve simplicity and clarity.

A simple living space can be achieved by removing all unnecessary items from the room, such as furniture that doesn’t serve a purpose or decorative items.


An industrial home interior design in Singapore is a style of decoration that utilizes materials such as metal, wood, and concrete.

This type of design is often found in an office or restaurant setting, but it has been a trend in homes nowadays too.

Industrial interior design usually includes the use of raw materials such as brick, wood, and metal to create an industrial vibe.

In order to maintain this, it’s important that you have a good understanding of the material qualities and how they can be used in your home.

Industrial design is about creating a sense of authenticity while still maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. For example, if you’re going for an authentic feel in your dining room, then keep the table simple and make sure not to add too many decorative items on top or within reach from guests sitting at the table.


The Scandinavian design aesthetic is the perfect blend of modern, minimalistic aesthetics with a touch of naturalism.

The main colors are light and neutral shades such as white, gray, beige, and cream, which creates a sense of simplicity and order.

Wood furniture pieces are often found throughout this type of interior design because their organic look provides warmth to the space while also being durable enough for everyday living.

The Scandinavian home interior design in Singapore is clean, simple, and often uses natural materials like wood and stone.


Transitional interior design is a style that blends both modern and traditional decorating styles.

The most common features of the transitional design are natural textures, clean lines, patterns, and colors in neutral tones.

One important aspect of any good transitional home interior design in Singapore is attention to detail; if there are any knick knacks or accessories that can bring warmth into the space, they should be used strategically.

This type of home interior design is perfect for those who want to live in a piece of history but still enjoy modern conveniences and innovations.


Bohemian interior design is a type of decoration that combines natural and organic elements with a simple, rustic style. The main focus in bohemian decor is on comfort and warmth rather than on keeping things clean and pristine.

Bohemian design can be seen as an extension of shabby chic but with less emphasis on luxury items such as silk curtains or Victorian furniture. It also incorporates more handmade pieces such as wood carvings or rugs made from recycled materials such as old sweaters.

While a Bohemian home may not look like what you would expect from the traditional idea of a “home,” there are certain characteristics that make it one. They’re often colorful, eclectic, and creative.

There is usually an emphasis on handmade items, natural materials, and textures. The colors in Bohemian homes can be bright or muted tones, with many mixing together to create a unique space for family and friends to gather.


Rustic interior design is characterized by using natural materials like wood, stone, and metal. These materials are often found in the kitchen for an authentic rustic feeling.

There are also many styles of furniture that can be used when designing a home with this style which includes pine or cedar logs, wrought iron or steel, leather or wool upholstery.

Rustic living spaces typically have a personal feel because they are designed to fit your needs and desires specifically.

A rustic interior design is full of character, warmth, and charm, which can be achieved with natural materials such as wood or stone.

Wrapping It Up…

A lot of people think that home interior design is something reserved for the extremely wealthy or those who have a natural eye for aesthetics. It’s not, and anyone can do it with a little bit of patience and creativity.

Home interior design goes way beyond just picking out paint colors, rearranging furniture, and adding some curtains to your windows. That said, there are certain characteristics that every good designer should know about before they start their project.

That’s where we come in. At Visual ID, our qualified team is ready and waiting for all your interior design needs. With years of experience behind us, we can help you find the perfect look for any room in your house – whether that means designing an entire living space or just redecorating one small corner.