Interior Designs for the Small Office

Interior Designs for the Small Office

If you have been sourcing for ideas for a small office interior design makeover, then you would have come across a multitude of options. Yet, you may feel constricted due to the space constraints of your office. After all, certain designs or furniture do occupy large amounts of space, and thus may not seem feasible to fit into your office.

With this in mind, there are still multiple ways to make full use of the environment and to even enhance the amount of perceived space. All that is needed is a little creativity and knowledge of interior design.

Here are 4 tips and tricks for interior designing in a small office:

  1. Paint the walls with bright colors.

Not many people know this but the choice of paint color actually plays an important role in making the office look bigger. In general, our eyes perceive a room to appear bigger when brighter or lighter colours are used as they appear further away. Additionally, by using a single continuous colour, the boarders of the room are not as apparent, hence it further enhances the perceived size.

Does this mean that you should avoid all dark colours? Not exactly, when positioned correctly, a balance of light and dark colours can create a beautiful environment. Since dark colours appear nearer, they shrink the room. For example, if the ceiling is painted in a dark colour, the walls of the rooms appear shorter, thereby a cosier feel is created.

  1. Be careful in selecting chairs and desks.

Before going to the malls or stores to shop for furniture, it is highly recommended to obtain measurements of your office spaces. This helps to narrow down your choices and keep your options realistic. To start with, given your relatively small office space, you should avoid purchasing excessively large desks, chairs or cupboards. Instead, attempt to get multi-utility furniture, with storage spaces built into them.

  1. Focus on the lighting.

Natural sunlight that enters your office also contributes to maximising its perceived area. As a rule of thumb, try to select an office location that has extensive windows. In fact, full length windows are very much in demand at the moment. Additionally, you may consider replacing your ceiling with fiberglass.

  1. Choose decors properly.

It is easy to get carried away with cramping nice decorations into an office space. Consequently, the office appears cramp and topsy-turvy, while actual space is also being consumed. A good practice for small offices is to adopt the principles of minimalism. Simple and clean lines coupled with a limited number of featured objects will help to prevent the office from appearing smaller than it already is.

Keen to source for more design ideas or a professional opinion? If so, then you should reach out to a interior design consultancy Singapore. With an abundance of experience, they will be able to offer a different perspective and thus help to maximise your small office space.