The Future of Office Interior Designing in Singapore

The future of office interior designing in Singapore

Offices of the past had rigid arrangements and resembled a maze full of noise, chatter, clicking sounds of typewriters, and cluttered items. Later on, the cubical spaces were replaced by open spaces that allowed for collaborative work. Open spaces are still prevalent today, but do not address the different needs and tasks that individuals have to perform, as well as the distractions that come with it.

The future of offices would be more practical and designed specifically to cater to the needs and cultures of employees and companies. Nevertheless, spaces now are a presentation of what the company is or would like to be. There is an aspect of branding that comes with modern office interior design. Below are some possible directions that the office is trying to head towards in its design.


Open spaces have been argued to nurture open minds. Such spaces allow for greater access to ideas. Therefore, the aspect of formality is declining, and spaces are becoming transparent as seen from the incorporation of glass doors and panels. Removable walls and portable furniture are increasingly incorporated into the design of the office to allow for increase in flexibility. Areas are also being shared, even between people of different hierarchies in the company.

Well-being and health

The well-being of employees are very important as it contributes to happiness, engagement, creativity and productivity in them as well as the company as a whole. The well-being of workers is often considered when designing a workplace. This is seen in the inclusion of nature based items like plants that help refresh the air and increase the quality of life in the office.

Need assistance?

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