How to Design Smart Homes

residential interior design of a smart home
residential interior design of a smart home

Singapore is known to be a ‘Smart City’, where many people want to increase their quality of life.

As we progressively move into the digital age, smart homes and Internet Of Things (IoT) have become an indelible part of the residential interior design industry. With the rise in demand for smart homes, many technology companies started to develop their own smart home products.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out smart products for your space.  Here are a few tips and pointers you should take note of while designing your smart home.

What Makes A Home Smart?

A smart home does not mean having multiple smart devices. No longer just to automatically turn on the lights or music. Instead, it is having a smart home ecosystem, where all devices are connected and integrated, working in harmony to fit your lifestyle. Smart home systems can learn your routines and habits to improve your quality of life.

The ecosystem installation plays a crucial role when designing your smart home. Imagine having a poorly installed system, it will lead to a disaster. Having lights turned on all night as it detects the smallest movement you make. Or a smoke detector that sets off an alarm every time you cook. Thus, it is pertinent to get the help of professionals to make a technical assessment and conduct system and network documentation for your smart home.

Creating A Smart Environment

connecting all smart devices for your smart home

When designing your smart home, there are a few pointers to take note of to create the best environment that suits your lifestyle.

You might want different devices in your smart home; however, do take note that not all devices use the same platform. Hence, make sure that your smart devices are compatible with each other before purchasing. Try not to purchase all the devices at one shot. Instead, start off with the device that you think is essential and build a strong foundation before you start expanding.

The key is to find out which smart home products are compatible with your chosen smart home hub. A smart home hub is a gadget that uses a single interface to control all devices. Without synergy between the devices, you will not be able to enjoy the whole smart home experience.

Pick Out Easy To Use Devices

Some of us might not be as tech-savvy as others and struggle to control the various smart home devices. Hence, you need to balance out the usability and complexity of the product ecosystem as it can be overwhelming. If a system is too complicated, you may want to opt-out and change the product, which could be an additional cost to your budget. After all, a smart home is supposed to make your life easier and better.

Some questions you can ask yourself before purchasing the device are:

  • Does this device require frequent maintenance? If yes, that could be an additional burden to you.
  • Am I able to change the system preference as and when I want to without anyone’s help? Take smart lighting as an example. How easy is it for you to schedule your lights to turn on or off?

At the end of the day, commit to a purchase only if you have conducted due research into a product and fully understand its functions.

Smart devices For Your Smart Home

There are many smart home products out there that you can choose from. Different devices will help you fulfil your diverse needs. The following are the most sought-after products for homeowners.

Smart Lighting

smart lighting designed by professional interior design services

Lighting plays a crucial role in every home, creating a certain vibe in the room. It can even influence your concentration and mood, depending on the lighting colour. Smart lighting is one of the most sought-after products as it has a multitude of benefits such as aesthetic, convenience and energy-saving.

Smart lighting eliminates the need for having multiple switches around your home, bringing out the aesthetics of having bare walls. It also eliminates the trials and errors of having to test every switch to turn off/on the correct light.

Have you ever felt too lazy to get out of bed to switch the lights off? Smart lighting allows you to turn off your lights with a single touch button on your phone.

Other than just turning the lights on and off, you can dim the lights, controlling the vibe in your room. There are times where the light is too bright and glaring. With dimmers in your smart lighting, you can adjust the brightness to your liking. Not only does smart lighting give you full control, but it also helps save energy.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are one of the best ways to unify your smart home. This device can control all devices with voice commands. More convenient than pulling out your phone to dim the lights. You can open the curtains, dim the lights, change the temperature without having to move an inch. It also has the function of playing music, telling you the time and weather forecast through a simple voice command.

There are dozens of smart speakers in the market, picking the best speaker can be challenging. The known smart speaker brands are Sonos, Amazon series and Google Home series. Decide on which voice assistant you prefer and if it fits into your home ecosystem.

Smart Curtains

residential interior designed with smart curtains

You can pre-set your smart curtains to open or close at a set timing. Be it to wake you up in the morning, offer you a view of the sunrise or sunset, etc. It is also important to have natural lighting in your home to improve the ambience. Smart curtains are convenient, and more importantly, it can make your home safer. You can control your smart curtains when you’re on vacation so outsiders will not know that the house is unoccupied.

When having a movie night, you can close all your curtains without leaving your couch. You can also connect your smart curtain to your smart speakers. Programming it to close all curtains when you give the voice command ‘I’m Leaving’.

Are you intrigued by the wonders of having a smart ecosystem? Engage a professional to foray into the world of smart home design.

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