4 Interior Design Styles For Singapore Homes Explained

4 interior design styles for Singapore homes explained

Many of us prefer a certain kind of residential interior design. Yet, we lack the terminology and understanding to define exactly what we want. With a wide range of design styles, it can be overwhelming to decide which design is well suited for you.

Not to worry! There are a four types of interior design services that are commonly mentioned that you can be familiar with.

  1. Traditional

The traditional style is characterised by formal designs which overlay the furniture, walls, and arrangements. This gives off a balance, warm, regular, and orderly vibe. The many fabrics separate this style from others. Alongside furnished furniture, include candle stands, figures, mirrors, bowls, vases, and other accessories.

  1. Modern

In contrast to the traditional style, a modern style refers to design that is simple and clean. Metal, steel and glass are often used to bring out the simplicity in design. Instead of an abundance of fabric in the traditional style, the modern style celebrates asymmetry and emphasises on opened floor plans and spaciousness. Spaciousness is being brought out by doing away with accessories. Instead, paintings are often used to decorate the place.

  1. Minimalist 

A room with a minimalistic style has the least number of furniture. Even when furniture is present, it is minimal with lavishness of empty space. The furniture is also set up neatly with streamlined shapes and at times may be feature shiny surfaces. The colour of white and greys dominate the design of floors, walls and furniture. Bright colours are used sparingly only when certain parts of the room are emphasised.

  1. Industrial 

Industrial style brings out impressions of an urban attic or warehouse. Brick, wood, duct wood, and metals like steel, iron and aluminium, are often the materials used in the accessories and layout of the space. This gives a vibe that it is unfinished and has a raw look to it. This style is also characterised by high ceilings, exposed pipes, and spacious floor plans. Like the above, dull and dark colours are used to bring out that urban look.

Implementing the style that you want for your home

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