4 Interior Design Styles For Singapore Homes Explained

Traditional style residential interior design of living room
Traditional style residential interior design of living room

A significant challenge to most of us when it comes to designing our home is explaining our desired interior design. With a long list of interior design styles out there, it can be daunting to select the best style that suits you. Especially if you do not know the difference between different styles, it might all seem the same.

A good head start would be to understand the difference between the various styles.

Here are 4 common interior design styles for Singapore homes:

1. Traditional

One of the most well-known terms when defining residential interior design is traditional interior design. Almost all interior designs are inspired from traditional interior design ideas. Traditional designs are mostly inspired from the 18th and 19th Century European sensibilities. This is a timeless go-to style for many people who wants an elegant yet comfortable home. Especially for people who appreciates antiques and its rich design history, this is a great route to try.

To describe a traditional style, is it characterised by formal designs with its classic details. Traditional homes often have a variety of textures, dark wood and rich colour palettes. This gives off a calm, warm, balance and orderly vibe.

Just as you might think that traditional interior design relates to dark and boring colour, there is actually more to it. You can experiment and play around with the colour palettes. The palettes can be pale and soft or bold and saturated. The key point is to pick colours that gives off a welcoming vibe that are not too striking.

Consistency is the key in recreating a traditional interior design home. Hence, the furniture you pick must match, and symmetry plays a huge part. Details is what completes the traditional interior design. Adding accessories will bring its character to live. Some examples of accessories will include candle holders, chandeliers, vases and lamps. Arrangement plays a role in highlighting the accessories, bringing the details of live.

2. Modern Style

modern design of residential interior design

In contrast to traditional style, modern is commonly described to have a sleek design without much clutter or accessories being used. In the simplest terms, modern interior designs refer to the reflection of modern art. The concept focuses on a simple and fuss-free home, eliminating unnecessary details. Often, most modern home designs include the use of metal, steel and glass.

How to create a modern style home?

  • Homes need to have clean and crisp lines, using simple colour palettes to bring out simplicity in design. Furniture’s and décor often are of neutral and earthy colours.
  • Keep it simple. Avoid cluttering in rooms and choose more neutral colours to avoid having too much contrast.
  • Having open spaces is a major component in modern style. Spaciousness will be brought out by doing away with accessories.
  • Technology plays a big part in our lives. Hence, choose wireless electronics to avoid cables lying all around, retaining a clean look to your home.
  • Bring out your personality. What is a home without a personality? Choose a painting with a pop of colour to add dynamics into the neutral space.

3. Minimalist

interior design services designed a minimalist living room

“Less means more”.

Minimalism is creating a simple space that is functional and uncluttered, accentuating the attractive features of empty space. Minimalist concept is a popular interior design style that incorporates notions of modern style. The key in creating a minimalist design is empty spaces. Creating a light and airy space in your home.

So, before you embark on the minimalist design, your home must be functional and easy to use. Start by accessing the things that are not functional and what you can you do to solve it. Rearranging your appliances or furniture’s, making them more accessible.

Storage is very important in minimalist interior design. Often, most furniture’s are doubled as storage space to leave no clutter behind. We often have random objects placed around the house which could end up ‘ruining’ the aesthetics. Hence, it is pertinent to plan out your storage space along with your storage habits.

You might think that having zero clutter with barely any accessories to liven up your home might be too boring for you. Not necessarily! Instead think of adding in different textures to your home. Be it the furniture, window blinds or light fixtures. This is a fantastic way to add visual element to your home.

4. Industrial

industrial designed bedroom by interior design services

As the name evokes, this design is inspired by warehouses and urban attics. Industrial style refers to the no nonsense, fuss free decors creating a sense of unfinished rawness to your home. Industrial interior design includes the use of bricks, wood, metal and recycled materials.

If you enjoy customising your home to make it uniquely yours, industrial style is a design you can try. It is a style with flexibility. You can play around with the different textures, decors, furniture’s and colour palette. Selecting the right colour palette is crucial in getting the industrial style vibe. From your furniture, lighting and décor. Rustic colours such as burnt orange and brown are commonly used for this style.

Be bold with your furniture choices. Whether it is your coffee table or dining table, a wooden table is a must have in achieving the authentic industrial interior look. If you want a slightly more finished look, you can try getting a concrete table. An easy way to get the industrial look is having concrete or brick walls.

The key in achieving an industrial look is to pick industrial accessories. Using accessories is the best way to bring the look alive. You can decorate your house with vintage photos, industrial shelving and recycled furniture. Do remember to add a pop of colour in your home. Aside from the muted shades, you can add striking colours in parts of your home to brighten up the place.

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